Bury & District Muzzle Loaders

Home Office Approval

NRA Affiliated
Reference No. 152

This club started life in 1962 as a Muzzle Loading Club but has since developed and expanded to encompass other forms of the modern shooting sport. Our ranges include:

  • Pinner Quarry- a 100 yard outdoor range, the land being on a long lease from the Local Authority. This range supports all our shooting activities.
  • Bury Drill Hall - an indoor 25 yard range for .22 LR rim fire only.
  • Nortex Mill - an indoor shooting complex that we hire twice a month for .22 LR rim fire, pistol calibre carbines and Black Powder
  • Sealand - a 300 metre military range that we hire monthly for centre fire rifle.

Members are encouraged to have regard to their own capabilities in determining which ranges they attend, in particular their ability to cope with the more strenuous activities on an outdoor range.

The range calendar gives details of all shoots.

Please note our black powder and full bore shoots at Pinner have designated RCOs. Our other Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday shoots Pinner Quarry require members to engage the services of a key holder / RCO.

Our Sealand shoots are governed by the rules relating to civilian use of Military Ranges. As such every shooter must either

  1. Have with them their NRA Shooting Certificate, or
  2. Be subject to one-on-one supervision by a certificated shooter.

N.B. If one-on-one supervision is required, it must be arranged in advance. Please do not just turn up and expect to be able to shoot.

We try to cater for all and hope that you will enjoy shooting with our other members within the parameters of the law and range rules. We try to respect the environment, people and property on or near all the places where we shoot and aim to leave the ranges clean and tidy, your assistance in achieving these aims is appreciated.