Bury & District Muzzle Loaders


We welcome guests to the club but must ensure that we abide by relevant range rules, conditions and legal provisions.
  1. All guests must pay the appropriate visitor fee and abide by range rules.
  2. Guests who hold an FAC may shoot on production of their FAC and, where appropriate, a NRA certificate of competence.
  3. Guests without an FAC must be notified to the Club Secretary 48 hours before attending and sign a dis-claimer to the effect that they are not prohibited from handling firearms.

Disclaimer form for non FAC holders here.


Please note:
  1. Anyone under the age of 18 is legally classed as a child.
  2. Any establishment providing tuition to young persons must comply with CRB requirements.
  3. Any instructor working with children must have CRB clearance.
  4. Any "party authorised by a child's parent or guardian" must have CRB clearance.
  5. CRB clearance applies to an individual and can take months to obtain. It may be Provisional or Advanced.
  6. Provided you, the parent / guardian, are accompanying your child there should not be any issue. Otherwise the club will need to consider the circumstances before approval is given.

We, BDML, do not have CRB cleared child care facilities.

Despite the above we warmly welcome youngsters, they are the future of the club and shooting in general. Youngsters are welcome to join our club however the following restrictions must apply.
  1. Youngsters must at all times be supervised by a parent, guardian or individual holding CRB clearance.
  2. Our licence to use the military range at Sealand prescribes a minimum age of 16.
  3. For all other ranges we apply a lower age limit of 14.

The RCO has absolute authority in respect of which firearms a youngster may use and may refuse to allow the youngster to shoot if there are any concerns e.g. The rifle may appear to be too powerful having regard to the age and physique of the child.

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